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Welcome to the Spanish Main Yacht Club
A Boating Community on Sarasota Bay


*** Click the Yellow buttons for Pictures or Details on the following: *** SMYC CALENDAR: *** March Calendar *** Movie Night ***PICTURES: *** Chile Cookoff Party *** St. Pats Party *** Brigids Cross *** Red Tide in Marina *** Flag Raising *** FAVORITE PICTURES *** Sunset and Rainbows *** Marina-Kayak *** Lunch trip to Venice *** Free Boat Inspections *** RESTAURANTS *** Click a picture for menu *** WHERE IS IT PICTURE *** New for Sept *** SMYC HISTORY: *** Click the SMYC History button to see early pictures of SMYC *** MAINERS TRAVELS: *** Venice cruise to the Crows Nest *** Local Events: *** LBK Stats ***RENTAL / SALES: *** SMYC Rentals and Villas for Sale ***

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